Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"A Genius Meets a Genius"

This is the title given (by Shaul Hon) to the photograph of the Akiba Rubinstein playing in a simultaneous exhibition with Haim Nachman Biyalik (head in hand), the famous poet, in Tel Aviv, on 24/5/1931. Correction: the game took place on 16/4/31, in Ohel Shem, Tel Aviv, as seen for example in Davar, 19/4/1931, p. 4. 

The photograph belonged to Menachem Mendel Marmorosh, who was the most active chess master and organizer in in Palestine at the time. It was made available to me by the kind permission of his children, Ruth Doral and Mordechai Marom.

Biyalik was well-known as a chess fan; among other things, he--with Marmorosh and others--was on a committee which chose Hebrew words for chess terms. To this day most of their terms are in use.

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