Thursday, March 20, 2008

You'd think he'd Notice, but...

Above is the heading of Al Hamishmar's chess column (edited by Eliyahu Feygin) on May 21st, 1948--that is, the first column printed in the state of Israel, which was declared on May 15th, 1948.

The column included:

1. Two chess problems and one endgame study.
2. Solutions to the previous endgames and studies.
3. The current standing in the ongoing solving contest.
4. A game from the contemporary world championship tournament (Euwe-Botvinnik, French Defense, drawn in 40 moves).
5. A report that Ya'akov Meises, (that is, Jacques Mieses, "Ya'akov" being the original Hebrew of the English "Jacob" and the French "Jacques") despite being the oldest contestant, finished third in a tournament in Sweden.
6. Two "breaking news" items: Botvinnik is the new world champion, and...

....waaaaaaaaaaaait for it...

...T. D. van Scheltinga, the "well-known chess player from Holland", became the father of a baby daughter, "the young chess player Daniella".

And they say chess players live in a world of their own. Whatever gave people that idea, I cannot imagine.

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