Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hillel Aloni's first Problem

The two twin brothers, Hillel and Yoel Aloni, are probably Israel's most famous pair of endgame studies and problem composers (respectively). The first problem (or study) either published -- by Hillel -- was when they were 15, in Al Ha'Mishmar, Feb. 27th, 1953.

The editor noted that this was one of many problems they have received from the twins 'a few months ago', and that their problems show a 'fresh talent that promises a lot'. Indeed, this was precisely what happened. It is noteworthy that Aloni's first problem was not a "regular" problem but, of all things, a helpmate (in two):


Solution (highlight below; Black moves first.)

1. Bd7 Rg7 2. e4 Nf4#.

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