Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Group Effort...

I wonder if many chess books have such a (numerically) impressive list of those involved in producing the book as Alifut Israel Be'Sachmat 5722 [Israel's Chess Championship 1961/62].

From the second page (English spelling is sic):
Editor: Eliahu Shahaf

Contributors: Yosef Porath, Moshe Czerniak, Yaacov Reuben, Yuval Ron, Zvi Bar-Shira.

Photos: Yaacov Avial, Itzhak Freidin, 'SELA', Ovadia Cohen.

Drawings: Anna Frank [of course not that Anna Frank - A.P.], Yaacov Zehavi.

Jacket Design: Dan Reisinger.

Cartoons: LeEchiquier de Paris

We thank Peretz Dagan, Uriel Segalovitch, and Malca Shertzer, who helped produce the book.

In cooperation with the Israel Chess Federation

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The book is quite a good book -- many deeply annotated games, photos, etc. -- especially considering the time period (early 1960s Israel, long before computers.) It is nice to see credit meticulously given, considering the chess world's sad history of plagiarized work.

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