Saturday, October 10, 2009


Photo credit: the author, found on e-bay.

Advertisement from 64 Mishbatzot [64 Squares], No. 3 [April 1956], p. 61.

What was the first chess clock made in Israel? Two suggestions. Top, we have a photo (found on e-bay) of an Israeli chess clock, from the 1950s. Note the unusual placement of the clock's buttons on the side, instead of the top, of the clock. This makes it harder to bang them with pieces in blitz, and, more seriously, harder to see from afar whose turn it is to move. More details about this clock would be welcome.

Below, we have an advertisement for 'Chess Clocks Made in Israel', by H. & J. Benjamin, 'Clocks & Watches Manufacture & Export', Jaffa Road 167, Jerusalem. Their P. O. Box, by the way, is 639, and their telephone number, 62-069 -- which gives one a good idea of the size of the city of Jerusalem in those days. This clock seems to have a more standard design. Again, more information about them -- as well as actual clocks -- would be welcome.

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