Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Nice Two-Mover

2X Yechezkel Hillel Alumot
Palestine Post & Al Hamishmar Two-mover Tourney, 1.9.45-1.4.46
First Prize

To illustrate the advancement in the field of chess problems in Israel and Palestine since its beginnings in the late 1920s, the following problem will do well. As the judges said:
In a light and accurate construction the composer manages to combine two self-blocks, three interferences, and a nice key move that allows a cross-check.
To add to this, this was done by a composer who lived in a small kibbutz, Alumot, near the sea of the Galilee -- far from any chess club -- in the lean years of WWII, which had just ended. For the solution, highlight the text below.

Source: Eliyahu Fasher's Ha'Problemai ha'Israeli: Yesodot ha'kompozitzia ha'sachmeta'it [The Israeli Problemist: The Basics of Chess Composition]. Tel Aviv: Mofet Press, 1964, pp. 44-45.

P.S. The font size is driving me insane again... sorry.

Solution: 1. Qe7!

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