Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interesting Chess Advertisement

Source: Ha'Tzophe [Israel], 28.10.1957.

Chess motifs in advertising are quite common, but this ad -- for Ariston Cigarettes -- is quite exceptional. The position on the board is a stalemate, and the ad (lower left, small text) explains (non-standard terms used are sic):
Black conquered a piece with his queen. But in this way he made White's king face stalemate. White is not in check and cannot move. The game was stopped as a draw.
It cannot be often that advertisements with chess motifs actually show a diagram with a meaningful position -- let alone one that demonstrates stalemate (as opposed to checkmate, or perhaps the array). Ironically, the motto of this chess-themed advertisement is, 'Ariston: Always the Victorious Champion!'.

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