Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Connections: Garry Kasparov Interviewed by Yosef Lapid's son, Yair

Kasparov gets top billing: a major interview in Israel's most popular news program, by the interviewer Yair Lapid, the son of the late Yosef "Tommy" Lapid, who was mentioned in this blog quite often. The elder Lapid was a good friend of Kasparov, as well as the head of the Israel Chess Federation (site in Hebrew).

To non-Hebrew speakers, Lapid's pre-interview introduction says, in part: 'The ability to play chess is often considered the most refined intellectual ability there is. If so, we have just interviewed the world's most intelligent man -- Garry Kasparov'. One wonders how much of this is Lapid fils' view and how much is Lapid pere's; in any case a very reliable source (who wishes to remain anonymous) told me that Yair Lapid was, as a young man at least, quite a talented amateur.

The interview itself is in English.

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