Thursday, February 24, 2011

Najdorf's Last Serious Game -- Analyzed by Najdorf

Yochanan Afek had sent me material he had received from Herbert Perez-Garcia, who interviewed the participants of the 1996 Groningen tournament -- the 50th anniversary tournament of the 1946 Groningen event, which was the first postwar international tournament. The contestants in 1996 included all the survivors: GuimandSmyslov, Najdorf, Denker, Szabo, Christoffel, and Yanofsky. Of these, four (Najdorf, Denker, Szabo and Yanofsky) were Jews. All players involved had died in the meantime.

The videos are quite interesting, showing how, even in extreme old age, these men found great enjoyment in chess, and also in post-mortem analysis. All the videos are available here (mostly in Spanish, but some in English). The most interesting one where Najdorf analyzes the last serious game he played -- appropriately, a victory, over Denker:

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