Monday, July 25, 2011

How many can you Identify?

Here are more candid photos by Itzhak Bar-Ziv of the 1964 olympiad. For non-Hebrew speaking readers: how many of the players can you identify ? For the answer highlight the area below.

Top left photo, 1st to 4th board, left team (FRG): Unziker, Darga, Schmid, Pfleger. 1st to 4th board, right team (NED): Kuijpers, Bouwmeester, Langeweg, Zuidema. Top right photo, left team (NED), 1st to 4th board: Kuijpers, Langeweg, Prins, vs. (HUN) Portisch, Szabo, Bilek. Bottom photo, left team (YUG), 1st to 4th board: Gligoric, Ivkov, Matanovic, Parma vs. (HUN) Portisch. 

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