Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolutions + New Year Presents

Credit: Samuel Bartolo's web site. 

What is it about the new year that makes people make all these resolutions – which they never keep anyway? Or give presents to each other? Whatever it is, let us make a couple of them:

1). On the “resolution” side, I resolve to finally finish my planned work on the history of chess in Israel and Palestine, of which this blog is only part. Oh, and to make some improvements to my OTB play…

2). On the “presents” side, I can say that there is reason to believe that this blog will become significantly more popular, especially among certain populations who should be interested in the history of chess in Israel or Palestine, but, until now, have probably been unaware of its existence.

I am not at liberty to disclose any more details right now, but all will be made clear, I hope, within a few weeks.

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