Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chess in Palestine -- as seen From Britain, 1944

A chess friend from Munich alerted us to the existence of an article about the Lasker statue we have previously talked about in this blog in the British Chess Magazine, June 1944. Checking the Internet about the matter, it turns out that we have forgotten the indefatigable Edward Winter had already posted the article online, in Chess Notes 5052, as a reply to ... our own letter to him about the subject, which he published in Chess Notes 5035. It is worth noting this again, not because of the bust, but because of the quick and interesting  snapshot it gives of chess in Palestine at the time (see link).

Winter's quote from the BCM mentions various people. Naturally, Weber and Rabinowitz [in the "Lasker statue" post] are the same persons as Veber and Rabinovich in the BCM. Foerder, as mentioned here many times, later changed his name to the Hebrew Porat. In general I prefer the "German" way of spelling ('w' instead of 'v' and 'tz' or 'tsch' instead of 'ch', for example -- that is, Nimzowitsch instead of "Nimzovich") in this blog, since usually it is eastern or central Europe where the players came from.

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