Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dayan and Chess

Source: Ma'ariv, Feb. 2nd, 1973

The following note (given to me by a frequent correspondent) is from an interview of Ruth Dayan, Moshe Dayan's wife. Dayan was the minister of defense in the 6 day war, and chief of the general staff in the 1956 Suez war. She notes, about the 6 day war: "Assi [Assaf Dayan, their son], a reserve man in an anti-aircraft unit, was called to the service. But once the war broke out there were no targets for them after the first day -- so all the war was passed by him playing chess with old-timer reserve duty men in one of the installations in the north. He is our family's pacifist -- but this fate annoyed him."

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