Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update & Caricatures

"Really... you call this sport? Where's the violence? The stun grenades?!!"  The speaker is  the minister of sport, Limor Livnat. Caricature by Yonathan Wachsman, Calcalist, 22.5.2012.  
Anand and Gelfand have drawn the 9th and 10th games. In the meantime, the Israeli press is more or less daily reporting on the series. A selection of articles from the Israeli press -- most in Hebrew, one (from the Jerusalem Post) in English -- has been posted on the Israeli Chess Federation's web site by the site's manager, Avraham Kaldor. The press doesn't only report on the games, but also -- as in the caricature -- uses them to comment on more general social issues, such as the violence in soccer games. 

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