Friday, February 8, 2013

Marmorosh and Przepioka

Davar, 20  9 1935 p/ 4
The above article notes that Moshe Marmorosh returned from the 1935 chess Olympiad in Warsaw. It notes two interesting facts: first, that on his way back in Poland and Romania he played many simultaneous games "which were very successful" -- +70 -8 =4, and that he was praised for his "brilliant style and quick wit". In particular the Georg Marco club in Czernowitz arranged a successful simul, with many visitors.

What's more, the paper claims that Przepiorka, "the general secretary and organizer of the Olympiad", particularly praised the Palestinian team for sending a special correspondent [Marmorosh was not one of the players but came as a reporter] to the Olympiad despite this being their first appearance.

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