Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chess World Championship in Israel, 1967

Credit: Davar, Aug. 29th, 1967.

OK, OK, I am cheating: in August 1967, the World Junior Chess Championship took place in Jerusalem. It is notable for this blog not only due to its location, but due to the fact that the winner, Julio Kaplan, is Jewish... and (as the link shows) later in life a significant force in computer chess.

It is also notable that the list of participants included, in 2nd to 4th place respectively, no other than Raymond Keene, Jan Timman (the youngest contestant), and Robert Hubner. -- yes, of course, those Keene, Timman, and Hubner.

Above is a report from Davar about the tournament, with (low quality) pictures of Kaplan and the 15-year-old Timman.

Credit: I found this information in a post on the forum by a frequent poster there, who had also contributed to this blog in the past. As he posts there anonymously I presume no public credit is wanted, but of course he can contact me if he does want to be named.

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