Saturday, August 17, 2013

Who is the Warrior in "The Warrior's House" -- and Aloni's Involvement

Source: Davar, Feb. 3rd 1956, p. 9.

One of the most active chess clubs in Israel for decades had been the chess team from "Beyt Halochem" -- literally, "the Warrior's House" -- the IDF's injured veterans' organization's headquarters. But what connection does this has to do with chess in particular?

A frequent correspondent to our blog noted that the connection goes back nearly 60 years. In 1956 Davar reported that a group of Independence War (the 1948 war) injured veterans, at the suggesting of some such veterans including (phonetic spelling) Dov Winer, Moshe Reshkesh, S. Lusky, Wexelbaumer and Avraham Or-Hayim in 1954, and that this year (1956) they will compete in the Israeli "B" league (one of only two leagues at the time, "A" and "B", noted our correspondent).

Of particular interest to Jewish chess history is that the trainer of the group was Itzchak Aloni, which we have met quite often in this blog, and that the article notes that they have 'made great strides in theory and play' under his tutelage.

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