Friday, March 7, 2014

An Earlier Youth Tournament -- and Which Hon is this?

Source: Davar, March 19th, 1936, p. 6
The same column mentioned in the previous post (which see for credits) also had another interesting note: of a school match, which predates the 'Palestinian Youth Championship' mentioned here, between the Montefiore and the 'Trade High School' [בית הספר למסחר] schools which ended "4.5:3:5" (sic -- 3 draws and one win; the score was 2.5:1.5) in the latter's favor.

Of interest is that one of the Montefiore pupils was named 'Hon' -- is this perhaps the same Shaul Hon (1922-2009, from 1925 in Palestine, according to his Hebrew Wikipedia page) that later became Israel's most prolific chess author and was often mentioned in this blog? The age and location, at least, fits.

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