Saturday, November 29, 2014

50 Years Ago: Geller Simul, 1964

Image Credit: Wikipedia
We have noted before on this blog that, when visiting the country in 1964 for the Olympiad, the players of the Soviet team gave simultaneous displays in the country. An interesting point is that one of the group -- Efim (or Yefim) Geller, who was not one of the six players on the team, but was present (as team captain), also gave such displays.

Our frequent correspondent Moshe Roytman notes that Davar published, on Nov. 19th 1964, p. 7, a short notice that Geller would play the next day (Friday, Nov. 20th) a 40-board display against the pupils of the Ort Yad Singalovski high school in Tel Aviv.

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