Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Double Bishop Sacrifice and Czerniak?

Our chess tactics training program, CT-ART 3.0, has the following fragment, starting at the position in the diagram, from a game between Czerniak (White) and Saharovsky. Black won with a clever tactic (solution below).

The problem is, this game is given only as 'Tel Aviv, 1963'. Neither the game nor the position appear in the "standard" databases, and there was no player named 'Saharovsky' in the Israeli championship that year.

This means the game was probably played in the Israeli league or in a club championship, or perhaps in a simultaneous exhibition. Does anybody have the complete game score?

Solution (variations and annotations by CT-ART 3.0): 1. ... d2! 2. Rxe5+? (2. Rd1 Bc7 and Black is better) which allows 2. ... Be6!! and White resigned (0-1) due to 3. Rxe6+ Kd7! and wins.

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