Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chess and Music -- Chava Alberstein

The above video, or rather audio, was brought to our attention by Yochanan Afek. It is also available on his Facebook page. It is is Chava Alberstein's version of Shachmat [Chess] by Hanoch Levin. Alberstein is a famous Israeli singer with a long and distinguished career. Afek's web site also links to videos of the same song by Yehuda Poliker and others.

Many chess players were related to music. Philidor, of course, was a professional musician. Richard Reti's brother, Rudolf Reti, was a professional pianist and composer; Smyslov was an excellent singer; and so on. Conversely, many musicians (such as Prokofiev) were strong players. As usual, Edward Winter has the "goods" on lesser-known examples, in his article Chess and Music.

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