Saturday, January 30, 2016

Menachem Oren, 1902-1962

Mencahem Oren. Source: Oren Ba'Tsameret [On the Top], Reshafim Press: Tel Aviv, 1989,  p. 8.
Most sources (e.g., wikipedia, but more importantly Jeremy Gaige's Chess Personalia) claimed Menachem Oren was born in 1903. Oren's Obituary (Shachmat, no. 7, Dec. 1962, p. 3) has no exact birth date. However, Shlomo Kandelshine's book noted above claims (p. 13 and back cover) that he was born in December 1902, in Channukah, the Jewish Holiday, which that year took place Dec. 12th-19th, 1902. It seems likely he was really born in late 1902.

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