Sunday, February 7, 2016

Emanuel Luftglas-Emanueli

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The top note (Davar, May 6th 1931, p. 1), deals with Rubinstein's live chess display against Marmorosh, which took place on 9/5/1931, and notes that the clothes worn by 32 actors were 'based on designs by the painter Emanueli'.

Moshe Roytman, our frequent correspondent, wonders if this is Emanuel Luftglas-Emanueli , 1896-1958 (link in Hebrew), who is mentioned, inter alia, as a stage designer for the TEI (Teatron Eretz-Israeli, 'Palestinian Theatre') in the second cutting above, Davar, Aug. 5th, 1926, p. 1.

It seems very likely that it is him. It turns out that Emanuel Luftglas, as he is usually known, was the first formally-trained stage designer in Palestine, who worked in many theatres after emigrating to Palestine in 1922.

Roytman also provides a link to a long article about the man and his work (Davar, May 8th, 1964, p. 20) and a tribute page by his grandson (both links in Hebrew). It seems that 'Emanueli' was never his official last name, but a "professional" one, based on his first name. Perhaps he followed the common Zionist custom of using a Hebrew name instead of one's foreign-sounding birth name.

Emanuel Luftglas-Emanueli, from Davar, May 8th, 1964, p. 20.

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