Saturday, December 24, 2016

Chess in the Knesset

Credit: See Below
In the Israeli parliament, on 14/11/2016, there was a simultaneous display against GMs Sofia Polgar and Avital Borochovsky (Israel's youngest GM), reported Ynet; the picture is from the link, showing Uzi Dayan (right) and Ze'ev Elkin (left). In addition to the MPs and other VIPs, notes Ynet, there were 30 children that were invited by the Israeli Chess Federation.

Elkin said how he was a chess fan from childhood, and that this helped him all of his life, even when he studied mathematics; he added that the different between chess and politics is that in the latter, the opponent can steal your pieces or overturn the board... Dayan added that it is a matter of funding, and if there was more money for chess Israel's achievements would be higher.

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