Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Postcard from Amsterdam

Credits: see below

Above, is the front and the back of a postcard sent to Israel Rabinovich-Barav from Dr. Menachem Oren when the latter was in the chess Olympiad in Amsterdam, 1954. It was brought to our attention by his son, Prof. Ami Barav

On the back there are the signatures of many players. According to Oren's son, the identity of some of the signatures can by identified. It seems to be mostly that of the Soviet team. We have:

Credits: see above
1. Botvinnik
2. Smyslov
3. Keres
4. Kotov 

Can any reader identify more signatures? 

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  1. I believe on the 2nd line below Smyslov is M. Euwe. Next to him (below Keres) is Bronstein.