Monday, August 25, 2008

Rising from the Dead

A conversation I had recently, with a well-known politician who has chess connections:

Politician: Who else did you say you interviewed?
Me: Look here. [show him a computer screen with files].
Politician: That's from Eliezer Pe'er, I see. Did his widow give you these?
Me: No, he himself--he's 95 but still alive.
Politician: Oh, dear.
Me: Are you sorry he's alive?
Politician: No, but, you see--we've just passed a resolution in the city council to possibly name a street after him, and...
Me: You just assumed he was dead?
Politician: Let me put it this way: it was approved by the same committee who refused to name a street after Raul Wallenberg for decades, since it was theoretically possible he's still alive.

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  1. Dear Avital,
    It is rather funny, but I am in contact with E. Peer right now as he invited me (not for the first time) to join a competition in the Reti club he manages for the last 70 years or so...
    Actually he is really a phenomen and I can attest his freshness and agility. I will even accept his offer this time as it has something to do with my late father who died some 30 years ago and was an active member of the club. The competition will begin on the 15.9 in the regular meeting place of the club in the Academy. If you are interested let me know. I do not charge commission...