Friday, February 19, 2010

...but APART from THAT, Mr. Jungreisz, how was the chess tournament?

The above is a short article by Zvi Bar-Shira about Nathan Jungreisz's 75th birthday, praising him as the man 'justly identified for over a generation with the Kibbutzim's chess -- as player, organizer, and arbiter'. The article adds:
A few years ago -- in the middle of the traditional Natanya tournament -- his wife passed away. She was the mother of his four children, and, like him, a founding member of kibbutz Ha'Ogen. Despite his deep sorrow -- Nathan didn't relinquish the direction of the tournament, and continued to make the 'Swiss pairings', considered the subject the international arbiter had specialized in, by remote control.
'Remote control' here means, presumably, by phone from home. And they say chess players have odd priorities.

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