Friday, February 19, 2010

Chess and Stamps, part VI

In the same letters noted in the previous post, Mandelbaum writes to Persitz that he made sure the envelope (see picture in the previous post) of one of the letters has the stamp from the Olympiad:
My friend, I take the opportunity (as you will see on the cover) to send you the only chess Olympiad stamp (more weren't issued), with a day-of-issue cancellation stamp, on the Olympiad's envelope.
As can be seen in the picture of the envelope in the previous post, the Olympiad stamp is the black-and-white one in the top right, the Olympiad's symbol is printed on the bottom left, and it features two day-of-issue special 'chess Olympiad' cancellation stamps (gray, with a rook-and-knight logo).

Chess players love their stamps!

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