Friday, June 11, 2010

Some of my Father's Personal Recollections...

"Dad and son playing chess". From the Bushek - Calder Family History web site.

This time, from my own father's recollections about chess in Israel in the 50s:
One time my parents were asked to help a returning immigrant, a man from Poland, to have a room for a few days. They agreed and put him in the spare room. In the middle of the night my father [my grandfather - A.P.] sees a light in the room. He opens the door and sees the man sitting in bed deep in thought with a chess board in front of him.
As he would -- it was Moshe Czerniak.
My father was from Horodenka [today in the Ukraine, then in Poland -- A.P.]. He was very proud of the fact that a great chess player, a true genius, came from there.
As he should -- it was Salo Flohr.

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