Friday, June 11, 2010

"This is my Life"

Photo: Avital Pilpel.

Above is part of a large picture, or perhaps collage, that hanged in the late Yosef "Tommy" Lapid's home. As he described it to me, "this is the picture of my life" -- it was given to him as a present a few years before, and is a collection of his achievements and career in pictures.

A man who rose as far as being the vice-PM of Israel, survived the holocaust, led a successful political party, edited important papers as a journalist, served as an MP in the Israeli parliament for a long time, and so on, nevertheless found chess so important for it to take a whole quarter of the mural. True, he also edited the ICA's newsletter for years and served as its president after retiring from politics, but still...

By the way, apparently Lapid played a special chess variant, on a 8x10 board. But at least the lower right square is white.

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