Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bad Simultaneous Display Results

Source: The Atlantic
When one plays simultaneous displays as often as Moshe Czerniak did, it is of no surprised that sometimes one slips up. Davar notes (Jan. 12th, 1951, p. 23) that Czerniak had 'struggled in Hadera', giving a simultaneous display at that town the previous Saturday (i.e. Jan. 6th, 1951) that ended + 18 =1 -10 (!). Do the readers know of any worse results in simultaneous disaplys by leading masters?

In reply to my question, Tomasz Lissowski adds that Rudolf Spielmann gave a simul in Lwow ca. 20 January 1934, with the city's "field" being strong (lacking only Henryk Friedman), the grandmaster losing +6, -7, =27; he adds some games and notes the source: Szachista  no. 1-2, 1934, pp. 20-21.

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