Saturday, April 30, 2016

From Harvard University

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Edward Winter, in Chess Notes 9850 (link here, scroll down for the relevant C. N. Item) that Harvard Library has a collection of chess photos from Palestine / Israel, and gives a link to the relevant Harvard web site. The above is the simultaneous display of Rubinstein vs. Marmorosh, which we often mentioned in this blog. The Harvard web site has a much higher resolution picture.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only surviving picture of the display in question. The note (in Hebrew script) at the bottom right says Plastica / Tel Aviv. "Plastica" was, presumably, the name of the shop which developed the prints.

In addition, notes Winter, it has a link to numerous photographs of the 1964 Olympiad taken by the photographer Ya'akov Agor, (יעקב אגור -- his name, the Hebrew, or original, version of 'Jacob', is also sometimes spelled Yakov, Ya'acov, etc.). He was a photographer for various Israeli newspapers, especially of cultural figures, as this link for example notes. One good example is an informal photograph of Aloni (obviously in a private home, not in the tournament hall):

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Or, obviously from the same roll of film, those who wish to know how Haifa looked at the time, on a "regular" street, not in or near the tournament hall:

Details: see above.
But these are two of literally hundreds of such photos, arrange on Harvard's site in a few groups of ca. 150 photographs each. It has numerous photographs of chess personalities, better and lesser known.

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