Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shaul Hon Reporting - I

Source: Davar, Jan. 21st, 1949,. p. 23
Moshe Roytman had also brought to our attention Shaul Hon's column from the above date. The first interesting report is that the weekly Parallel 50 (ph. spelling) writes on 31/12/1948 (no. 119) that 'despite the state of war, the young country pays much attention to chess', and mentions in particular that the master perform simuls for soldiers.  and that the national champion, Aloni, recently won a 41-soldier simul (+35 -5 =1). We mentioned such games often in this blog, in particular Aloni and Barav 'doing their part'. This is surely one of the first reports in the foreign press of chess in the (then new) state.

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