Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Strange Results in the Israeli 1971 Women's Championship

Source: Ma'ariv, Jan. 21st, 1972, p. 29
Our frequent correspondent Moshe Roytman notes what is probably a unique event in national championships. In the 1971 women's championship, Irene Cohen won first place, with 9/11 with no loss, followed by Lidiya Gal 8.5, Eda Sacharia 7, Miriam Bruckner and Frida Teitelbaum 6.5, Miriam Haimovich 5.5, Esther Samoshi 5, Tzvia Gigi 4.5, Anna Frank and Batya Juster 3, and Naomi Peretz 2 (all spellings -- except Roytman's.. -- phonetic).

What is so special about this? Roytman notes that the winner, as Ma'ariv notes on Jan. 16th p. 7, is a Romanian which 'intends to emigrate to Israel as soon as next month'. This eventually did not happen so the championship went to Lidiya Gal. Is there any other case of a player -- male or female -- being allowed to even participate in a national championship based on their promise to emigrate to the country, let alone winning the championship... and then not emigrating after all and forfeiting the title?

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