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1964 International Jerusalem Tournament

Source: Herut, Dec 11th, 1964, p. 6
Several correspondents notes that Herut had a large, detailed feature of the 1964 Jerusalem international tournament - not to be confused with the Tel Aviv Olympiad or the Netanya 1964 tournament - by N. Uzi, with details about the performance of the players by Mohilever. The tournament was arranged, noted Uzi, by asking the participants of the 1964 Olympiad if they want to play in Jerusalem as well:

Source: see above.

As this cutting shows, while "brilliant stars" didn't participate, they did manage to get the two GMs (3rd and 4th board on the Yugoslav team in the Olympiad), Matanovic and Parma, as well as the IMs Doda (the Polish champion that year), LetelierScheweber and Czerniak, as well as Abrahams (England -- who did not in fact play in the Olympiad; perhaps he was the English team's captain or present in some other capacity?) and the Israeli players Blumenfeld, Bleiman, Dobkin, Plat (ph. spelling -- Jerusalem's champion) and Rosenberg (a candidate master).

Mohilever had, in particular, praised Bleiman, who got an IM norm in the tournament. Uzi gives a pen-portrait of the players, the tournament hall, the spectators -- which included everybody from students and soldiers to ultra-orthodox men, but no women for some reason. Uzi notes that the quiet and dignity of the tournament, which took place in the city council's hall, was a change to the better compared to the 'usual chatter' heard there.

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