Saturday, March 26, 2016

40 Years Later

Shahmat No. 4 (Aug. 1998), p. 10
In 1958, the Israeli chess tradition of Shach-Kayit (roughly translated, 'chess vacation') in Netanya had began. A correspondent noted that the 40-year reunion, arranged by Zvi Bar-Shira, includes some known persons from the 1950s and later. They inlcude, sitting from right to left: Rivka Lichtenfeld, Zalman Gurevich (who was Ha'Poel's chess organizer [Rakaz -- רכז] for over 20 years, Avraham Dekel, and Bar Shira. Standing from right to left are Yosef Tamari (the youngest participant in 1958), GM Yair Kraidman, Yaakov Mogilveski (from the organizing committee), Ido Spector, Yosef Ziv, Avner Hadar (Ha'Poel's 1998 chess organizer), and Haim Borer (most names, except Gurevich and Kraidman's, phonetically spelled).

The article also notes the winners in the 1958 were Uzi Geller (Israeli champion, 1972), with 7.5 from 9, before William Postman, Immanuel Guti (member of the 1964 Olympic team) and Tibor Solomon with 6.5, etc.

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