Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chess on the Radio -- in 1937?

Source: Davar, Sept. 10th, 1937, p. 3
In the above selection from Marmorosh's chess column, it is noted that the results of the 1937 Palestine championship will be 'be announced that very night on the radio [emphasis in the original - A. P.] and published the next day in the press'.

Does anybody know if the tournament's results really were broadcast over the radio? Checking the radio schedule in Davar from the relevant period notes that there were various programs which might have broadcast this information -- e.g., the evening news or the sports broadcasts -- but nothing more specific was noted.

But, if so, it would (probably) be the very first radio broadcast about chess in Israel or Mandatory Palestine, unless the previous visits of foreign masters (Rubinstein, Flohr, or Mieses) happened to be mentioned in the radio news at the time. 

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