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Source: Davar, Sept. 24th, 1937, p. 4
In the following note, a propos of the Palestinian championship, Marmorosh adds that on Sept 18th, the representatives of 'a few chess organization in the country' had convened to 'renew the national chess organization and to put it on a solid base'. These included the Jerusalem Lasker club; the Tel Aviv club; the clubs in the Sharon area; the 'new chess club in Haifa'; and the 'chess association of the clerks' club in Jerusalem'. The 'founding meeting' was scheduled for 25/9/1937 in the Menorah club.

While this federation's activity, like chess activity in Mandatory Palestine in general, became (almost) moribund due to the war, it shows us a good 'snapshot' of the growth in interest in chess all over the country since the early 30s, as interest was raised for various reasons, such as visits by RubinsteinFlohr, and Mieses, the sending of a team to the Olympiad in Warsaw in 1935, etc., as we have seen previously on this blog.

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