Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nice Combination by Marmorosh

Source: Davar, Sept. 10th, 1937, p. 3
On Sept. 5th, (p. 6), Marmorosh reported in Davar he will give a simultaneous display at the chess club in 4 Allenby St., Tel Aviv, on the 7th. Three days later, he reported the result (+27 -3 =4) in his column, as well as the following position. Apparently, Marmorosh, like some other masters, was willing occasionally to play black in such displays.

The game continued (Marmorosh's annotations):

1. ... Rf3! 2. Re1 (of course 2. gxf3 Nxf3+ - A. P.) Qg3+ 3. Kg1 Rf2!! 4. Qxf2 Nf3+ 5. Qxf3 exf3 6. Rc1 f2+ 7. Kh1 Bf3! 0-1

A bit generous on the exclamation points, perhaps, but a nice finishing-off combination nonetheless; and thanks to the commentator below for pointing out my original typo (writing the impossible 2. Re3 instead of 2. Re1).

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  1. Thank you for the post, beautiful combination, and quite exceptional for a simul.

    * 2. Re3 cannot be correct. Probably you meant Re1?? [which is practically giving the game away - it's important to still be able to bring it to the second rank later, which is impossible from e1 after f4-f3] (Perhaps a nice try would have been 2.c6 (followed by 3.Be6) when the given combination would not have been possible anymore.