Sunday, June 30, 2013

Congratulations, GM Gelfand

Credit: Chess Base's report

GM Boris Gelfand had made the best result of his career, winning the Tal Memorial, with 6/9 with no losses, ahead of Carlsen, Anand, Kramnik, Nakamura and others, for a 2900 Elo performance.

It was an excellent tournament with many fine games, and such a score is a great achievement by any standard. Congratulations, Boris, for an excellent performance.

Apart from Gelfand's another particularly noteworthy score is Nakamura's: only one draw, four wins and four losses.

"Ha'Sachmat" Gets Noticed Abroad

Our correspondent Moshe Roytman notes that Ha'Sachmat, the magazine often mentioned in this blog which was published in the early 1920s by the Lasker chess club had been noticed abroad. For example he notes that on Dec. 5th, 1923, a short article [above] about it appeared in Der Moment, a European Yiddish-language newspaper.

I suppose this is partially what Mohilever meant when said in Doar Hayom [29.6.23] at the time that "the eyes of the Jewish chess world are raised to us" as the Lasker club is "holding up proudly the flag of Jewish chess"...

Rubinstein Chess Column

"Der Moment" published from 1910 a chess column in Yiddish edited by Rubinstein. Here are the first  (Nov. 18th 1910) and the second column as an example. Above are the beginnings of both [long] columns; the complete columns are in the links.

The first column includes, inter alia, Rotlewi - Bogljyobow 1:0 (Rubinstein calls the opening "Queen's pawn game" and explains that Black "uses the old reply to the queen's gambit"'; today it is known as the old Indian defense), the second a report on the Lasker-Janowsky match with a game from it (a Lasker victory). 


Our frequent correspondent, Moshe Roytman, informs us of he following ad [top]  from "Der Moment", a Yiddish-language newspaper, on Oct. 13 1913, declares the publishing of the "first Yiddish chess magazine" edited by Salwe and Kreichek (my phonetic spelling and promising contributions from Emmanuel Lasker, Akiba Rubinstein, and others. Another ad for the same magazine - below - from Nov. 19 1913 notes that the latest issue has an article about King Solomon [sic!] and the Wonder of Chess". Mr. Roytman informs me that a total of three issues were published in Oct.-Nov. 1913.