Thursday, July 31, 2014


Source: 64 Mishbatzot, no. 4., p. 69 (May 1956)
Who says strong players don't enjoy being kibitzers? Here are Keres (middle) and Alekhine looking with great interest at a game in the 1939 Olympiad. The picture is from an article about Israel (actually, then, the British Mandate of Palestine) in the Chess Olmypiads. Later made into a book, it was originally a series of articles by Czerniak in his magazine.

Meran 1924 and 1926

Credit: see below.

Miriam Morris, the daugher of the artist David Friedmann, notifies us that Luce D'Ambrosio's book about Meran 1924 and 1926 uses (with her permission, of course) some of her father's art. The book was praised by Edward Winter in C.N. 8657 as 'deeply researched and luxuriously produced', which -- coming from Winter -- is high praise indeed.

In particular, Morris notifies us that the back cover has her father's portrait of Gruenfeld (top) and Colle, the latter found by D'Ambrosio, she not having been aware of its existence before.

Note 13/9/2014: Thanks to commentators who informed my the picture at the top is, of course, Gruenfeld and not Bogolyjubov. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chess Caricatures

Credit: See Below
In Chess Notes no. 8721 (scroll down required) the unlikely claim that this caricature of Fischer was in fact "by himself" was discussed by Edward Winter. Unsurprisingly, as Winter notes in Chess Notes no.8724 (scroll down required), it turns out that it was not by Fischer, but by the late Berislav Petric, as his daughter, Marina Petric, notes in her very interesting web site. Like father, like daughter: he clearly passed on his artistic talent to her.

Following the link Winter gives, I add that except this particular image, there are many other wonderful caricatures there. I add many of them are well known to chess "old timers" from various publications, but rarely given credit when originally published in them, at least to my admittedly vague recollection. Her web site is well worth a visit, including the non-chess content.

P. S.

In order not to violate copyright, I am only giving here the same image Mr. Winter used, which is one of many found on her web page. I believe this is "fair use" in this context.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Computer Problems / Birthday Announcements

Picture credit here.

Due to computer crash that temporarily doesn't allow me to access my files (I have backup but the computer itself is on the fritz) - oh, and this "war in the promised land" (again) thingy going on - I will only be posting quick notes in the next week or two. One such quick note is from Moshe Roytman, who reminds us that Luba Kristol is 70. She was one of Israel's top female players when she was active, winning two world correspondence championships (for women). Happy birthday!