Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New (Gregorian) Year!


Once a year, I too am allowed a fun post - happy new year to all! (Image from here.) I promise to myself, among other things, to update this blog more regularly. 

Made in Israel

We have already noted on this blog the first radio match in Israel, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A frequent correspondent points out a "behind the scenes" look in Eliahu Shahaf's chess column (Al Ha'mishmar, 4 January 1952, p. 4) under the headline "Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem on Phone and on the Radio" (above). 

Shahaf's column noted, among other things, that:

1. The Chief organizer in Jerusalem was Moshe Czerniak.
2. A few minutes before the broadcast it turned out the Tel Aviv room engaged for the event lacks the needed electrical arrangements, so a hurried rush to another improvised room.
3. The selected team from Tel Aviv's "Lasker" club was late; replacement players were hurriedly arranged; but then the original team arrived in the last moment - "to the disappointment of the replacement team." 

It is also noted that the "Kol Israel" (Israeli radio) broadcaster was Eliahu Carmel, and that the Israeli diplomat Yochanan Maroz introduced the Tel Aviv team. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Chess Talk

My colleague, Shahar Gindi, and I gave a talk in Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies about our research, as noted here. Here are some photos from the talk. 

The Lewis Chess Set and More

In London and Oxford, we visited the British and Ashmolean museums. Below are photos of the famous Lewis chess set (ca. 1200) and another chess set from ca. 1500; note the shape of the rooks. 

Simpson's on the Strand

 In London recently, we have visited this famous chess haunt. Here are some pictures.