Saturday, April 10, 2021

Marmorosh on Film


We have already noted that Marmorosh was filmed playing a simultaneous display in Tel Aviv in 1935. From the same column as in the previous post, we find the advertisement for that display, adding in large letters, 'This game will be filmed by Carmel-Film for the Newsreel.' 

The exact date and time were Saturday, June 22nd, 1935, 2:30 PM, in 'the Palga coffee house on the sea shore' of Tel Aviv. One could also buy tickets 'at I. Vest's flower shop, Allenby 45 [phonetic spelling]'.  The results (reported the next week, Ha'aretz, June 28th, p. 13) were Marmorosh winning by +26 =1 -2. 

Women Solvers


The following note (Ha'aretz, 21 June 1935, p. 13) is a notification of the winners of the solving tournament by the editor of the chess column in Ha'aretz, Marmorosh. It is interesting to note that among the tope solvers we have three women: Leah BroidaHannah Zefah and Mira Vergad (ph. spelling). Broida and Zefah also won two of the three top prizes: Hans Kmoch's Rubinstein Gewinnt! and a chess clock, respectively. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Bogolijubow in Strobek

On the same page as the previous post, there is a photo of Bogolyubow playing a simultaneous game in the well-known "chess village" of Strobek. The note credits other "newspapers" in general, but does anybody have a better quality photo?


 Without comment, from Davar's chess column, February 9th, 1933, p. 5:

One doesn't need to know Hebrew to spot the mistake in the note about Tartakover's book...