Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Flohr Simul


This note from the Palestine Post, July 3rd, 1934, p. 6, was brought to our attention by a frequent correspondent. It verifies the identity of some of the strong players who played against Flohr in Palestine in his match with 11 of the strongest players in the country. As noted, Winz drew, Dobkin won, and the rest lost to Flohr. Mohilever and Lucovich came all the way from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to play - no mean dedication at the time. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Jerusalem - Tel Aviv Match, 1935: a Pen Portrait


The above note, from the Palestine Post (later the Jerusalem Post), Feb. 15th, 1935, p. 7, gives a short pen portrait of the players on both team. It was brought to our attention by a frequent correspondent. Note, in particular, the many foreign Jews who came to the country - Enoch, Blass, and Czerniak

We add that we finally find an English source for the player we phonetically spelled 'Churgin.' The Jerusalem post prefers 'Hurgin'. But neither Gaige's Chess Personalia nor Chessbase's database has a fitting player (except for one 1923 correspondence game with 'Churgin,' which may or may not be the same person.) As both spellings seem reasonable, we shall keep 'Churgin.'

Saturday, June 19, 2021

"Dedicated to the Editor of this Column"


Chess problems are often dedicated to various individuals, but we wonder how often it is that a problem is dedicated directly to the "the editor of this column" to who it is sent. In this case such a problerm was dedicated to Marmorosh. The problem is a mate in three by G. Taroch (ph. spelling) from Lithuania. It was duly published by Marmorosh in his chess column in Ha'aretz, April 14th, 1939, p. 7.

1939 Team


We have previously posted on this blog a picture of the 1939 Palestine team. Herbert Halsegger had kindly provided us with a much better quality photo (obviously taken on the same occasion, based on the clothes). In particular he noted Salome Reischer, born in Austria, who was part of the Palestinian team in 1939. As her Wikipedia page points out, she (like Karff) didn't stay in Palestine after the war, but went back to her native country, Austria. 

Added: Mr. Halsegger notes the photo is found on this web page, of the Associacion Rosarina de Ajedrez, which credits La Nación, sept. 3rd, 1939 for the photos, as well as Edward Winter, David McAlister, and Knud Lysdal.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Euwe Training - Updated


The above cutting, from Davar, Oct. 11th, 1935, is a report of Euwe's training for his world championship match with Alekhine. The report notes Euwe's serious preparations, and the photo  captions identifies, seated from right to left, Mrs. Flohr, Flohr, Euwe with Maroczy (his second) standing behind him, Spielmann, Holinger, Becker and Eliskases

Added: We thank Herbert Halsegger for providing us with a much better picture, from the Wiener Schach-Zeitung (all details in the link):