Monday, August 2, 2021

Beginning, End, and Fischer


The same correspondent which we just mentioned in the previous post had also notified us of two newsreels made in Israel of the 1964 Tel Aviv Olympiad: one of the start and one of the end of the tournament. He also provided us with a clip of the 1968 Netanya tournament, with - naturally - concentration on Fischer's participation. 

Yoram Lubianiker's Stamp Collection


A frequent correspondent notified me of the chess stamps' collection of Yoram Lubianiker. It is a collection, not of chess stamps per se, but of chess stamps related in some way to war. The online (and physical) exhibition has 94 different placards, of which this is one - showing the cancellation stamp commemorating the 1935 Olympiad, as well as two more modern stamp and collections about the Olympiad.