Sunday, February 10, 2019

On Israeli Radio

Credit: "Kan" Radio
We have just been on the Israeli "Kan Tarbut" station -- the Israeli Radio's culture station. We spoke (in Hebrew) about Kasparov and Deep Blue, computer chess, general chess history, and Jewish chess history. The program is Shlosha Sheyod'im ("Three Who Know", link above), hosted by Dudu Erez, and the direct link to the program is here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Labounsky Brothers, Palestine, 1920s

Credits: See Below
The following two pictures show us the Labounsky brothers. In the top photo, Nahum Labounsky is standing and his brother Avraham is sitting on the right. In the bottom picture, Nahum is sitting on the left Avraham is standing. 

The pictures, from Ami Barav's collection, were in his view photographed in the 1920s in Tel Aviv. Can anybody identify who they are playing with? 

More on Flohr's Picture

Credit: Ami Barav's collection
Following the previous postcard of Flohr , we add the back of the postcard (see link for credits). It is addressed by a chess player who visited Palestine in 1934 to "my dear chess friend" Nahum Labounslky for his help during the player's stay. Can anybody decipher the signature?