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Alfred Emil Wolf

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Herbert Halsegger sends us this very nice photo of Seigfried Reginald Wolf - who eventually emigrated to Haifa - playing chess with his son, Alfred Emil Wolf (1900-1923). 

Tragically, Alfred was killed in a mountaineering accident. He was a promising player in his own right, his obituary appearing in both the chess column of the Illustriertes Wiener Extrablatt (13 August 1923, p. 4) and on the first three and a half pages of the Neue Wiener Schach-Zeitung (vol. 1 no. 6, pp. 161-164), as Mr. Halsegger informs us. The photo is from p. 162 of the latter obituary. 

"Two Brilliancies (Glanzpartien) by Rubinstein"


Source: here.

An interesting note about the game below is that it was published in the Weiner Schach-Zeitung, as Mr. Halsegger (see previous post) notes, with another Rubinstein brilliancy - against no other than M. Chwojnik - that is, Mieczysław Chwojnik, better known later as the Israeli player Menachem Oren

A Nice, if Well-Known, Combination



The above games, Akiba Rubinstein vs. Moishe Hirschbein, Lodz, 1927, was brought to our attention by Herbert Halsegger. In an aesthetic final combination, play continued: 

21.Rxd7! Bxd7 22.Nf6+ Kf8 23.Nd5 Black resigned (1-0).