Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Quiz for our Hebrew-Speaking Readers

The following rather odd game was published in Doar Ha'Yom, on 23/4/1923, p. 4, as "a miniature player in the Jerusalem Passover championship":

It is, apparently:

White Aryeh Mohilever, Black N. N.

1. d5 d5
2. Nc3 Nf6
3. e4 Qc6
4. Nf3 dxe4
5. Ne5 Qe8
6. Nxe4 NxN
7. QxN f6
9. [sic, meaning of course 8] Qd5+ Nd7
9. Nf7+ Black resigns (1-0)

What is going on here -- and why?

Solution in the next post.